Office of Programs and Reentry

The Office of Programs and Reentry is committed to leadership in rehabilitative programs that support the improvement and readiness of lives in our custody. By employing evidence-driven strategies, the Division increases security and public safety by providing programming for productive learning, positively transforming behaviors, and teaching pro-social skills that assists with re-integration into community.

Three sections under the direction of the Division supports the following disciplines:

The Bureau of Applied Science, Research, and Policy provides program analysis and evidenced-driven practices to advance predictive proven outcomes.

The Bureau of Programs is responsible for the administration of academic and career and technical education, library services, chaplaincy services, volunteer services, specialized population programming and cognitive behavioral programming.

The Bureau of Readiness and Community Transition is responsible for services that assist in the transition period between incarceration and return to community. These services include Re-Entry institutions, community and in-prison based behavioral health and substance use disorder programs, and other release services.

  • Program Clearinghouse Applications
  • Research Principles
  • Research Procedures
  • Academic Education
  • Career and Technical Education (CTE)
  • Chaplaincy Programs
  • Library Services
  • Volunteer Services
  • Worship/Religious Education Programs and Services
  • Religious Diet Program
  • Faith and Character Based Programs
  • Substance Use
  • Mental Health (Community)
  • Diversion Programs
  • Re-Entry Centers
  • Resource Directory