Bureau of Substance Use Treatment

Bureau Chief

Margaret Agerton

The Bureau of Substance Use Treatment offers services, develops and fosters resources to facilitate successful reintegration from prison into the community. The Bureau of Substance Use Treatment advances, coordinates and monitors quality programming to address criminogenic needs for inmates and offenders.

Substance Use

Substance use programming in the institutions and community seeks to treat participants with histories of dependency by focusing on changing the behaviors that led to the addiction. This leads to the creation of a healthy lifestyle and contributes to the safety and security of our institutions and the community.

Community Based Programs

The quality management of contracted residential and outpatient substance use disorder treatment, outpatient mental health and sex offender treatment, post-release transitional housing programs and other diversion programs for offenders on felony supervision.

Community Based Re-Entry Programs

Transitioning from prison into the community presents obstacles often for the returning citizen. These programs offer supportive services to include housing, employment, medical, and case management to overcome the barriers and reduce the likelihood of recidivism and victimization.

Re-Entry Centers

Re-Entry Centers focus on preparing inmates for successful transition back into the community by providing comprehensive services that focus on evidence-driven practices. To strengthen the likelihood that inmates will succeed in their transition to the community, FDC has established four re-entry facilities, Gadsden Re-Entry Center, Baker Re-Entry Center, Sago Palm Re-Entry Center and Everglades Re-Entry Center.

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