Bureau of Education

Bureau Chief

Gwen Brock

The Bureau of Education provides meaningful opportunities to incarcerated individuals, helping them better themselves and equipping them with competencies conducive to successful social reintegration. Offerings include, academic education, career and technical education (CTE), library services, transition programs, and services specific to special needs and youthful offender populations. The Bureau of Education also coordinates teacher certification for the Department’s correctional educators.

Academic Education

Academic education is the provision of traditional coursework (e.g. math, English, reading, science, social studies, etc.) to general and special populations through various programs. Students in academic education may work toward earning their high school diploma or equivalency, or may complete coursework for self-betterment. Academic education programs include adult basic education (ABE), mandatory literacy, GED® preparation, close management education, education for young adults and youthful offenders (Title I), special education services, voluntary literacy, and local education agency (LEA) programs

Career & Technical Education

The Florida Department of Corrections provides 91 career and technical education (CTE) courses in 36 distinct vocational trades spanning 11 career clusters. All CTE teachers are certified, and all programs utilize Florida Department of Education approved curriculum frameworks. Perkins Grant funds help supplement our CTE programs.

Library Services

The FDC offers general library and law library services at all major institutions. General Library services include many of the same services found in public libraries. Law Library Services facilitate legally mandated inmate access to courts in accordance with important state and federal case law, as well as Florida statutes.

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