Chaplaincy and Volunteer Services


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Chaplaincy Services provides for the spiritual needs of inmates and offenders. In addition to tending to their spiritual needs, Chaplaincy Services coordinates religious education based on addressing the inmates criminogenic needs. Chaplaincy provides a vital constitutional service for FDC and allows the greatest amount of freedom and opportunity for inmates to pursue individual religious beliefs and practices that are consistent with the security of the institution.

Volunteer Services

Volunteering with FDC is a rewarding experience for individual citizens. Volunteering is also important to safety and security of our institutions and facilities and important to the administration of our inmate and offender programming. FDC recruits, trains and supervises the services of over 19,000 volunteers statewide.

Volunteer Information

Worship/Religious Education Programs and Services

Chaplaincy Services is responsible for addressing the religious and spiritual needs of inmates and staff at each of the Florida Department of Corrections facilities. Chaplains schedule regular services for inmates as well as facilitate numerous betterment programs for inmates and staff. The prison chapel serves the entire inmate population and all of the 111 different religions among inmates in Florida.

Religious Diet Program

The Department’s statewide Religious Diet Program is made available to address the dietary requirements of inmates with religious dietary obligations. It demonstrates focus on ensuring our inmate population has a reasonable opportunity to observe their religious diet preferences through nutritionally sound menu choices. Chaplains facilitate and monitor the thousands of inmates who apply and participate in the program.

Faith and Character Based Programs

The Faith and Character Based Residential Program (FCB) are set in correctional institutions and offer faith and character based programming in a positive environment to inmates committed to inner transformation. This initiative offers inmates a variety of activities and classes (both religious and secular) focused on personal growth and character development. The religious preference of the inmate is not one of the eligibility criteria for inmate participation.

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