Interested in Volunteering?

Each year citizen volunteers just like you, contribute thousands of service hours in Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) facilities. The involvement of volunteers is highly valued by the Department. It is an opportunity that provides an important public service and is also personally rewarding. 

Volunteers help the Department to deliver programs and services. They bring a variety of skills and model successful leadership and citizenship. Volunteers can also help offenders become more productive, educated, self-sufficient, and law abiding citizens.

For general questions or comments, please contact:

Volunteer Services
Florida Department of Corrections
501 Calhoun Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-2500

FAQs for Volunteers

Have questions? Check these FAQ’s for assistance.

Q. We have a list of people who will be volunteering with our organization. Can we just give you the list of names and social security numbers?

A. No. Each person must submit a Volunteer Application. This is to ensure each volunteer has read the policy and procedures of the Department regarding volunteering.


Q. The warden said we could take pictures during our volunteer activity/special event. If the warden said we could take pictures then its ok, right?

A. No. Absolutely no pictures can be taken inside a Florida Department of Corrections facility, regardless of what permission you may have been given or who gave it to you. Only designated FDC staff are permitted to take photographs.


Q. The special speaker for our event will only be coming one time. Why do they need to attend volunteer training?

A. Volunteer training covers many different topics, including HIPAA and other state and Federal requirements. Even if someone is coming for only one event, they are required to receive volunteer training designed to protect themselves, the inmates/offenders, staff, and visitors of the facility.


Q. If I have questions about my volunteer hours or about my volunteer duties, who do I contact?

A. All questions related to volunteering should be directed to the Volunteer Supervisor at the facility where you volunteer.


Q. I was denied the ability to volunteer. Do I have any way to appeal the denial?

A. Yes. Any volunteer who receives a disapproval or inactive/termination may appeal the decision by having the case reviewed by the Central Office Review Panel. The review panel will forward the case to the Deputy Secretary for final review.


Q. I have a criminal history. Will I be allowed to volunteer?

A. Department Procedure 503.004 states that applicants with a previous prison history are not eligible to serve as a volunteer until a minimum of one (1) year has passed since release from a Department facility or any other county, state, or federal correctional agency.

A volunteer applicant who is an offender with long-term supervision is not eligible for a minimum of one (1) year of successful post-release supervision is complete. Any offender or ex-offender with current pending charges, warrants, or detainers is not eligible to serve as a volunteer.

Applicants with the following history may also be denied volunteer status:

  1. assaulting correctional staff or Law Enforcement Officers,
  2. escaping from a correctional facility while incarcerated, or
  3. introducing contraband into a correctional facility.

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