COVID-19 Information

Information on Testing

FDC’s testing priorities closely align with recommendations from the CDC and current treatment protocols established by the Florida Department of Health.

If an inmate begins experiencing symptoms indicative of COVID-19 they will be placed in medical isolation. All inmates in medical isolation are tested for COVID-19 and are monitored by health services staff.

FDC has also conducted institution-wide testing when it is indicated by a positive inmate, in line with evolving CDC guidance.

Institutions with Active Cases refers to correctional institutions who currently have inmates in medical isolation due to confirmed or suspected COVID-19 cases.

Updated: 01/20/21
Next Update: 01/27/21

  • Apalachee CI
  • Baker CI
  • Bay CF
  • Century CI
  • Florida State Prison
  • Gadsden Re-Entry
  • Hamilton CI
  • Holmes CI
  • Lake City CF
  • Lancaster CI
  • Lawtey CI
  • Liberty CI
  • Lowell CI
  • Madison CI
  • Northwest Florida Reception Center
  • Okaloosa CI
  • Polk CI
  • Putnam CI
  • Reception and Medical Center
  • South Florida Reception Center
  • South Bay CF
  • Suwannee CI
  • Tomoka CI
  • Union CI
  • Wakulla CI
  • Walton CI
  • Zephyrhills CI

  • FDC has 143 facilities statewide, including 50 correctional institutions, seven private partner facilities, 16 annexes, 33 work camps, three re-entry centers, 12 FDC-operated work release centers, 18 private work release centers, two road prisons, one forestry camp and one basic training camp.

    Medical Isolation refers to the number of inmates who have been separated because they are suspected or presenting symptoms of an infectious illness or have tested positive for COVID-19. To prevent contact with others and reduce the risk of transmission, these inmates are placed in medical isolation.

    Positive refers to the number of individual inmates who have tested positive for COVID-19 since March 2020. These inmates are placed in medical isolation under the care of their treating clinician. Inmates who have tested positive for COVID-19 receive the appropriate level of care based on their individual treatment needs. This may include inmates who are being treated by an outside medical provider. Inmates who have tested positive will remain in medical isolation until they are recovered. Once recovered, these inmates will be moved into appropriate housing based on their care and custody requirements.

    Inmates Cleared from Medical Isolation refers to the number of inmates who have tested positive for COVID-19 and have been cleared by their treating clinician following CDC guidance to return to appropriate housing based on their care and custody requirements.

    Information Regarding Correctional Institution Staff

    Staff refers to individuals in the employee sector that have contact with the inmate or offender population.

    In order to protect the personal health information of these individuals, FDC will not identify the name or occupation of the employees at these facilities. Staff may be employed by FDC or one of its contractors. Any employee who is symptomatic, or who has tested positive for COVID-19, will not be allowed entry to a correctional institution. Additional questions regarding these individuals (gender, age, travel status) should be directed to the Florida Department of Health.

    Cleared to Return to Work refers to staff who have tested positive for COVID-19, who have been cleared to return to work following CDC and DOH guidelines.

    Information on Inmate COVID-19 Deaths

    As the health care provider for inmates, FDC cannot release information that could lead to the identity of the inmate or disclose the inmate’s protected health information.

    The Florida Department of Health reports the locations of individuals who have died in a facility following a COVID-19 test. For more information visit: FDC is releasing statistical information on deaths of inmates who tested positive for COVID-19.

    All in-custody deaths in state correctional facilities are listed on the Department’s Inmate Mortality website. The district Medical Examiner is responsible for determining the cause of death for any person who dies in a prison, and that determination is releasable by the Medical Examiner. If the Medical Examiner determines COVID-19 was not a contributing factor of a previously reported death, it will be removed.

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