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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Press Release
August 17, 2011
For More Information
Contact: Gretl Plessinger
Communications Director
(850) 488-0420

Eleven-County Law Enforcement Coalition Targets Gangs,
Sex Offenders and Violent Offenders: Nets 94 Criminal Charges,
81 Arrests and the Seizure of 24 Weapons.

CENTRAL FLORIDA – Probation Officers in eleven counties along with 45 law enforcement agencies working together in a joint operation made surprise face-to-face contact with hundreds of probationers including gang members, sex offenders, and violent felons during the evening hours of Tuesday, August 16, 2011. As a result, 58 offenders were arrested, 24 weapons were taken off the streets, one Methamphetamine lab dismantled and 1.75 pounds of Methamphetamine seized.

The eleven counties that participated in the operation are part of the “Community Justice Coalition,” which began as a three-county initiative in 2007. There have been 12 previous operations resulting in numerous arrests and the removal of weapons and drugs from the hands of convicted felons on probation. Law enforcement agencies from Brevard, Indian River, Lake, Marion, Martin, Orange, Osceola, Polk, St. Lucie, Seminole, and Volusia counties were involved in Tuesday’s operation.

The teams of probation and law enforcement officers targeted probationers with violent and sex offenses. Additionally, probationers that were suspected to be involved with drugs or gangs were also targeted. The teams visited the homes of these violent felons and conducted walk throughs of their residences to ensure that they are complying with their conditions of probation.

“The Department’s mission is public safety, and by working side-by-side with other law enforcement in these sweeps, we play an integral part in keeping our streets safe from weapons, drugs and offenders who refuse to abide by the law,” said Department of Corrections Secretary Ed Buss.

This operation resulted in the seizure of 24 weapons, assorted types of narcotics (one gram of Cocaine, 9.5 grams of crack cocaine, 1.04 pounds of Marijuana, 1.76 pounds of Methamphetamine, seven prescription medications (eight Xanax,  three Hydrocodone, 13 Seroquel pills, one Suboxone pill, four Oxycodone, one Aviane, and 18 Prozac) and assorted drug paraphernalia.

The law enforcement teams knocked on the doors of more than 703 offenders. In addition, 58 probationary offenders were taken into custody for criminal violations discovered during the sweep, and 23 non-probation offenders were also arrested, totaling 81 physical arrests and 94 criminal charges. 

As a result of this operation, there were four gang-related arrests. Additional arrests may occur over the next several days based on information gained during the sweep.

Reporters interested in additional details may call the media contact listed for the specific counties listed below:

Brevard County:  PIO Major Michael DeMorat, (321) 868-1113, (321) 403-5755,

  • 88 offender contacts
  • 11 law enforcement teams involved
  • 10 offender arrests
  • 7 non-offender arrests
  • Contraband seized:  2 firearms, 3 other weapons, 22 grams Marijuana, 1 Marijuana plant, 3 handcuffs with keys, 1 security badge, 12 paraphernalia, and 5 pornography items.

Indian River County: PIO Sgt. Thom Raulin (772) 978-6099, (772) 473-8157,

  • 27 offender contacts
  • 3 law enforcement teams involved
  • 2 offender arrests
  • 0 non-offender arrests
  • Contraband seized: 1.6 grams of Marijuana, seven Xanax, and one drug paraphernalia (Marijuana pipe)

Lake County: PIO Sgt. Jim Vachon (352) 343-9741, (352) 267-3038,
; or John Herrell (352) 343-9741, (352) 267-0410,

  • 55 offender contacts
  • 8 law enforcement teams involved
  • 4 offender arrests
  • 0 non-offender arrests
  • Contraband seized: one gram of cocaine, seven grams of crack cocaine, less than 20 grams of Marijuana and two hydrocodone.

Marion County: PIO Judge Cochran (352) 732-8181, (352) 843-4205,

  • 28 offender contacts
  • 7 law enforcement teams involved
  • 5 offender arrests
  • 3 non-offender arrests
  • Contraband seized: three firearms, five other weapons seized, and one drug paraphernalia (crack-pipe)

 Martin County: PIO Rhonda Irons (772) 320-4736, (772) 260-5589,

  • 21 offender contacts
  • 3 law enforcement teams involved
  • 2 offender arrests
  • 0 non-offender arrests
  • Contraband seized: 3 firearms (9mm, .38 and .25), 1 stun gun, 84 grams of Marijuana, 13 Seroquel pills, one Suboxone pill, one Oxycodone, and six drug paraphernalia (pipes and containers)

Orange County: PIO Captain Angelo Nieves, (407) 254-7436, (407) 448-6148,

  • 73 offender contacts
  • 15 law enforcement teams involved
  • 8 offender arrests
  • 1 non-offender arrests
  • Contraband seized:   one firearm (.22 long rifle derringer handgun)

Osceola County: PIO Twis Lizasuain (407) 348-1141, (407) 709-9135,

  • 61 offender contacts
  • 8 law enforcement teams involved
  • 8 offender arrests
  • 5 non-offender arrests
  • Contraband seized:   1.76 pounds of Methamphetamine, 12 ounces of Marijuana, one Xanax, 7.4 dosage Hydrocodone, one Oxy, one Aviane, 18 Prozac, five Drug Paraphernalia (3 pipes, 2 needles) and $12,844.00 Cash

Polk County: PIO Carrie Eleazer (863) 298-6217, (863) 287-7440,

  • 104 offender contacts
  • 17 law enforcement teams involved
  • 2 offender arrests
  • 4 non-offender arrests
  • Contraband seized:   Four grams of Marijuana, and numerous fraudulent credit cards.

St. Lucie County: PIO Mark Weinberg (772) 462-3308, (772) 201-0264,

  • 44 offender contacts
  •  6 law enforcement teams involved
  • 2 offender arrests
  • 1 non-offender arrests
  • Contraband seized: four weapons, 0.5 grams of crack cocaine, drug paraphernalia (two pipes, one straw, one spoon)

Seminole County: PIO Lt. James Clark (407) 665-6986, (407) 402-0869,; Kim Cannaday (407) 665-6978, (407) 402-3319,

  • 96 offender contacts
  • 12 law enforcement teams involved
  • 14 offender arrests
  • 0 non-offender arrests
  • Contraband seized:   1 firearm (12 gauge shotgun), one machete, two grams crack cocaine, one grams Marijuana, two Oxycodone, drug paraphernalia (1 syringe, 2 pipes),  and 260 ammunition

Volusia County: PIO Gary Davidson, (386) 736-5989, (386) 804-3973,

  • 106 offender contacts
  • 10 law enforcement teams involved
  • 1 offender arrests
  • 2 non-offender arrests

Additional arrests and recovered items are expected over the next few days, pending further investigation and warrants.

Participating Agencies:

Brevard County
Brevard County Sheriff’s Office
Cocoa Police Department
Melbourne Police Department
Palm Bay Police Department
Rockledge Police Department
Titusville Police Department
Florida Department of Law Enforcement

Indian River County
Indian River County Sheriff’s Office

Lake County
Lake County Sheriff’s Office

Marion County
Marion County Sheriff’s Office

Martin County
Martin County Sheriff’s Office
Stuart Police Department
State Attorney’s Office

Orange County
Apopka Police Department
Belle Isle Police Department
Eatonville Police Department
Ocoee Police Department
Orlando Police Department
Orange County Sheriff’s Office
Winter Park Police Department
UCF Police Department
Florida Department of Law Enforcement

Osceola County
Kissimmee Police Department
Osceola County Sheriff’s Office
St. Cloud Police Department

Polk County
Polk County Sheriff’s Office

Seminole County Sheriff’s Office
Altamonte Springs Police Department
Casselberry Police Department
Lake Mary Police Department
Longwood Police Department
Oviedo Police Department
Sanford Police Department
Seminole County Sheriff's Office
Winter Springs Police Department
Seminole County Probation

St. Lucie County
St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office

Volusia County
Daytona Beach Police Department
Daytona Beach Shores Police Department
Deland Police Department
Edgewater Police Department
Holly Hill Police Department
New Smyrna Police Department
Ormond Beach Police Department
Port Orange Police Department
South Daytona Police Department
Volusia County Sheriff’s Office
Florida Department of Law Enforcement

Other Agencies
Department of Corrections
Media Contact – Department of Corrections Public Affairs Office at (850) 488-0420)
5th Circuit Community Corrections – Lake County, Marion County
7th Circuit Community Corrections – Volusia County
9th Circuit Community Corrections – Orange County, Osceola County
10th Circuit Community Corrections – Polk County
18th Circuit Community Corrections – Brevard County, Seminole County
19th Circuit Community Corrections – Indian River County, Martin County, St. Lucie County

Items Seized
Ammunition, Weapons, Marijuana & Drug Paraphernalia

2 firearms, 3 other weapons, 3 handcuffs with keys


3 firearms (9mm, .38 and .25), 1 stun gun, 84 grams of Marijuana, 13 Seroquel pills,
1 Suboxone pill, 1 Oxycodone, 6 drug paraphernalia (pipes and containers)


22 grams Marijuana, 1 Prozac, 1 Marijuana plant


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