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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Press Release
October 1, 2010
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Accomplishments for September 2010
Walter A. McNeil, Secretary

Please find below a summary report highlighting this agency’s major accomplishments for the month of September 2010.

Re-Entry Successes

The number of Florida state inmates earning GED certificates has nearly doubled in three years, increasing from 1,313 GEDs awarded in FY 2006-07 to 2,603 awarded in fiscal year 2009-10. That increase only reflects the number of inmates who passed all five parts of the test: reading, language and writing (including an essay), math, social studies and science. Many more inmates passed sections of it and will be retaking those sections to complete their GEDs in the coming year.

The Florida Department of Corrections and Palm Beach County Criminal Justice Commission received $750,000 through a grant from the Department of Justice's Federal Second Chance Act. The Department has partnered with Palm Beach County in their efforts to provide post-release assistance, and will deliver each inmate upon release to the Palm Beach County re-entry facility for felony registration and assistance with housing, employment, transportation, academic and vocational education, and reunification counseling. Their goal is to reduce recidivism in the target population by 50 percent through evidence-based programs and coordinating pre- and post-release services.

At Demilly CI, the PRIDE Culinary Arts Program graduated 10 more inmates from the classroom portion of the course. These inmates are now assigned to food service so they can get the practical experience portion of the program. The inmates will re-enter the community with culinary education and training skills.

Northwest Florida Reception Center began a program where inmates record a book which is sent to the inmate’s child. Inmates reading on audio enable the children to hear their father’s voices and establish a bond prior to the inmate being released from prison. Research shows the greater the family bond, the greater chance the inmate will have at a successful re-entry into society. This program is sponsored by a church in Panama City, FL so there is no cost to the state.

Cost Avoidance

OIT completed cabling for various facilities statewide, receipt, repair and installation of donated PC’s, printers and flat panel monitors. These repairs and refurbishments were completed by DC OIT staff in an effort to provide an alternative to the cost of hiring an outside vendor.

Lake Correctional Institution is piloting a program that allows issuing inmates assigned to the Mental Health Unit to a cup and spork fabricated from a specialized hybrid plastic material that is extremely difficult to tear and use for self harm. The implementation of this cost savings program decreases the cost of Styrofoam cups and plastic sporks on a monthly basis. The projected yearly savings for the purchase and implementation of these items are approximately $2,000.00 per year for the sporks and approximately $2,500.00 per year for the cups. Total approximately savings per year is $4,500.00

Process Improvements

The Office of Information, Bureau of Technology Service in conjunction with the Office of Institutions completed the Lock and Key application. This application went into production September 1, 2010 and enables institutional staff to utilize an automated Lock and Key process. The control and security of locks and keys within the institutional environment is essential and this application is a vital tool in the daily maintenance, standardization, and procurement of locking systems statewide. In addition, the automation of this process provides management staff the ability to review reports/data to make necessary decisions to ensure proper security of institutional facilities and staff.

The Bureau of Procurement & Supply developed the “Contract Manager’s User Guide to provide up-to-date contract management processes and guidelines for the accurate development of uniform contract management.

The Department purchased nurse scheduling software which will greatly reduce personnel labor and reproduction costs in making nurse schedules, saving both time and money. OHS had its first training for RMC, Suwannee, and the Region II RN Consultants.

The Contraband Interdiction Unit, which includes the K-9 Unit, conducted 45 operations at state and private facilities which resulted in 327 individuals (staff, inmates & visitors) being scanned with the ION instrument. 52 vehicles were searched based on state vehicle inspections, contraband being observed in plain view, K-9 alerts, and/or ION alerts. During these operations, there were 4 arrests of visitors on contraband charges. Other criminal charges were referred to the Office of the State Attorney against 2 inmates, based on investigations.

Community Initiatives

Calhoun Correctional Institution assisted Scott’s Ferry Volunteer Fire Department in the construction of a bathroom and shower unit at the fire station. This project allowed the men and women who volunteer their time and risk their lives for their fellow citizens, the opportunity to have appropriate facilities at their station during training events and occasions where the public visits the department. The work squad spent approximately two hundred and thirty hours fulfilling this request.

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