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Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Press Release
July 2, 2010
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Department of Corrections Accomplishments for June 2010

Walter A. McNeil, Secretary

Please find below a summary report highlighting this agency’s major accomplishments for the month of June 2010. Detailed information about any or all of these items is available upon request.

Re-Entry Successes

Polk CI had 101 graduates receive certificates for Vocational Plumbing, Specter, Faith Based and GED.  This was one of our largest groups to graduate in many years. Many inmates spoke to the teachers after the ceremony stating how much they appreciate the fact that the Administration at Polk CI and Central Office encourages them to continue on their educational and vocational journey.

Cost Savings

The Office of Health Services saved $1,238,210 on drug repackaging costs for the 11-month period from July 1, 2009 - May 31, 2010.  The savings is a result of an interagency agreement between the Department of Corrections and Department of Health’s Central Pharmacy (DOH).  In July 2009, the Department began transitioning its drug repackaging business to DOH.  The transition was completed in February 2010.

Maintenance at Okaloosa CI completed a hot water conversion project for D Dorm.  This entailed placing a small water heater in the ceiling of the dorm instead of repairing the heating components of the water cooler.  This project will save money on expensive parts and increase the availability of hot water for soups and coffee supporting the health and welfare of inmates.

At Lancaster CI during the month of May 2010, several vocational programs contributed to cost savings for the institution and department.  The Printing and Graphic Arts vocational program has continued to provide the department with an internal source of printing services.  This provides a large cost savings to the department as well as providing additional training opportunities for the students.  During the month of May it is estimated that this program saved the department $1,538.60.  As part of the training process for the students, the Environmental Services vocational program provided services throughout the institution to help maintain the facility.  This resulted in an estimated savings of $5,321.00 to the department.  The Carpentry program has also contributed to cost savings though numerous smaller projects during the month of May.  Carpentry saved the department an additional $192.00 with these projects during May.  Total savings for the month of May was in excess of $ 7,000.00.

At Brevard CI the maintenance electrician taught a sergeant how to do basic repair of the hand held 800 Astro radios.  Of 12 radios slated to be sent for repair, the sergeant was able to repair 9 with parts from surplus radios at a saving of $100 to $200 per radio.  Total cost saved was $900 to $1800. 

The Office of Information Technology secured over 30 computers from the Department of Transportation donations for use at Putnam CI to replace aging equipment. With these donated computers we will be able to bring all of the computer workstations up to the 1 GB ram minimum recommended by OIT for use with our current applications.

Inmate Labor provided 158,014 hours of inmate labor and produced approximately 1.47 million dollars in revenue for the month.  Contracted work squads provided 89,063 hours of inmate labor to Florida cities and counties valued at approximately 1.5 million dollars and public work squads and interagency squads provided 249,083 hours of inmate labor valued at approximately 4.2 million dollars.

The Office of Information Technology, (OIT) in a continuing effort to provide cost savings/reduction to the department completed cabling for various facilities statewide, receipt, repair and installation of donated PC’s, printers and flat panel monitors.  These repairs and refurbishments were completed by DC OIT staff in an effort to provide an alternative to the cost of hiring an outside vendor. 
Process Improvements

The Bureau of Procurement and Supply and the Bureau of Facilities Services worked cooperatively to enter into a Guaranteed Energy, Water and Wastewater Performance Savings Contract (ESCO) with Florida Power and Light Services, LLC for the purpose of installing equipment, and providing services designed to reduce energy or water consumption, wastewater production, or energy related operating costs for the Department at the following locations:

  • Avon Park Correctional Institution
  • Central Florida Reception Center
  • Columbia Correctional Institution
  • C-Tech Training Facility
  • Cross City Correctional Institution
  • Dade Correctional Institution
  • Kissimmee Work Release Center
  • Marion Correctional Institution
  • Orlando Work Release Center
  • Putnam Correctional Institution
  • Sago Palm Academy
  • Sumter Correctional Institution
  • Taylor Correctional Institution

When fully implemented, it is anticipated that these energy-efficient measures will save the Department approximately $1.7 million annually in operating and utility costs.

Sex Offender Placements was identified by Secretary McNeil as one of the department’s top three priorities that required a comprehensive review and recommendations for improvement.  The sex offender placement process is a joint effort among release staff and Community Corrections staff.  In June, hundreds of release officers, probation officers and supervisors were provided training regarding the sex offender placement process, via video conferencing to 16 locations across the state. These training sessions gave release staff and Community Corrections staff the opportunity to meet each other and learn more about their jobs and roles within the Department. This training was designed to ensure that the pre-release process and the re-entry process for these offenders is planned and executed timely in order to decrease the number of sex offenders released without a plan. This pro-active stance should greatly enhance the release process, create accountability of staff involved, and promote a sense of accountability and responsibility by the inmate/offender.  

The Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision (ICAOS) Technical Manual was developed and posted on the Interstate Compact page of the Office of Community Corrections website on the department's intranet. The manual provides guidance on both ICAOS rules and processes. It will be updated quarterly, as needed, so staff is encouraged to provide input as to any additional information they would like to see added to the manual.

The Bureau of Institutional Support Services, Environmental Health and Safety received the Gold Award for Loss Prevention/Safety/Risk Management.

At Santa Rosa CI extended flaps were installed on all cells on first floor in TCU / CSU Unit. This prevents inmates from throwing items, thus providing more protection to staff members.

At Columbia CI the Security Threat Group staff implemented a gang stratification map. This map depicts the gang affiliation and the number of members housed in each dormitory. This map assists staff in keeping gang members separated which helps keep gang activities and gang tensions to a minimum, thus keeping both staff and inmates safer.

The Classification Department at Hamilton Correctional Institution has adopted and embraced the “Save-A-Tree” print function in lieu of using hardcopy print for the many reports that are generated on a daily basis for utilization by staff.  There are numerous reports that are needed by other departments within the institution. These are now being emailed to the appropriate staff for their use.  This has proven to be an invaluable cost-saving measure for the department.  We have received a lot of positive feedback from the other departments since utilizing this function because the reports are readily available and can be accessed numerous times.   

The Contraband Interdiction Unit conducted 14 operations at state prisons which resulted in 221 individuals (staff, inmates & visitors) being scanned with the ION instrument.  30 vehicles were searched based on state vehicle inspections, contraband being observed in plain view, K-9 alerts, and/or ION alerts.  During these operations and associated investigations, 5 individuals were arrested (1 certified Correctional Officer, 2 civilians, and 2 visitors) for narcotics charges.  The operations yielded 70.2 grams of cannabis, 5.1 grams of cocaine, and 1.9 grams of MDMA (which is the scientific name for Ecstasy), $88.00 cash, and 18 cell phones/accessories. (Time period covered is from May 16, 2010 through June 15, 2010).

The Office of Information Technology  completed a new install of the Facility Access Secure Tracking (FAST) system at Lowell CI.  Previously this system was shared by both the institution and the annex.  This system is used to locate and retrieve data and photos for the inmate visitation. The new completion of the new install separates the system and will enable staff at the institution to access the system without utilizing the annex, therefore providing more efficient management of inmate visitation.

OIT completed several upgrades to the Emergency Management System. This system supports the department’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) established at central office to provide direction and secure management of the inmate and offender population during an emergency event.  The recent upgrades included the ability to change/delete a bus route, new links to exported documents which will enable staff to view information input by the department’s EOC as was as the State Emergency Operation Center (SEOC).

OIT implemented a critical server replaced to upgrade the department’s current operating system. This replacement will enable current application to run more efficient and provide for proposed new applications the same advantage.

Community Initiatives

Inmates from the Calhoun Correctional Institution Work Camp assisted the Scotts Ferry Volunteer Fire Department with enhancements to their facility.  Members of the fire department requested the assistance of a public work squad to help absorb the cost of the improvements.  The 448 man hours generated while forming and pouring a 36x40 concrete slab saved the volunteer fire department approximately $1000.00.  Because the volunteer fire departments in Calhoun County rely mainly on fundraising efforts and donations, money saved by utilizing inmate labor can be used for training purposes, equipment upgrades and other services beneficial to the residents living in the district. 

On June 5th, Baker Correctional Institution’s K-9 staff responded to a call for assistance from the Baker County Sheriff’s Office to help in locating a missing person who had gone fishing the night before on the St. Mary’s River and had not returned.  The person had a history of medical concerns.  After approximately three hours of searching, two K-9 staff members located the deceased individual in the river.  They remained at the location until FDLE arrived to take and secure the area.
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