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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Press Release
July 30, 2010
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Accomplishments for July 2010

Please find below a summary report highlighting this agency’s major accomplishments for the month of July 2010. Detailed information about any or all of these items is available upon request.

Cost Savings

The Department of Corrections, Office of Health Services continues to reduce inmate healthcare expenditures. The Department saved more the $4.9 million in FY09/10 as a result of a partnership with the Department of Health (DOH), Alachua County Health Department and Jackson County Health Department. Under this project, which was started in late 2008, DOH physicians enter 9 DOC institutions and treat inmates with STDs and HIV/AIDS. In turn, DOC is eligible for Federal 340b drug pricing, which is 35-50% lower than regular prices for these drugs. DOC is working with DOH to expand the 340b pilot project into a permanent program.

The Office of Information Technology, Bureau of Technology Services, continues to provide cost savings to the department by completing cabling for various facilities statewide, and installing donated PC’s, printers and flat panel monitors. These repairs and refurbishments were completed by DC OIT staff in an effort to provide an alternative to the cost of hiring an outside vendor.

Process Improvements

The Department executed contracts with two physician groups to provide hospitalist services at Memorial Hospital in Jacksonville and Reception and Medical Center at Lake Butler. The hospitalists will provide an independent review of inpatient services and hospital discharges. They will be responsible for coordinating care, ensuring services are clinically indicated, and discharging patients who no longer need to be cared for in an inpatient setting. These contracts are expected to lead to substantial savings in inpatient hospital costs.

The Bureau of Procurement and Supply has worked closely with the Bureau of Support Services, the Department of Management Services (DMS) and US Foodservice, Inc. to develop an alternate contract source (ACS) for our prime vendor food service contract. The Department’s current contract has resulted in substantial cost savings. Upon review of the Department’s contract, DMS determined that allowing other eligible users to piggyback on DC’s agency contract delivers the following benefits:

  • Better pricing by being able to leverage DC’s and the State’s buying power;
  • One-stop shopping for food products, fresh produce and related food supplies;
  • Reduced administrative costs;
  • Reduced ordering and receiving costs; and
  • Flexibility.

Now that DMS has approved this contract as an Alternate Contract Source (ACS), other state agencies and governmental entities, e. g. county jails, will be able to reduce and contain their food costs also.

During the Leadership Meeting held in Lakeland in September 2009, Sex Offender Placements was identified by Secretary McNeil as one of the department’s top three (3) priorities that required a comprehensive review and recommendations for improvement. The sex offender placement process is a joint effort among release staff and Community Corrections staff. Recently, hundreds of release officers, probation officers and supervisors were provided training regarding the sex offender placement process, via video conferencing to 16 locations across the state. These training sessions gave release staff and Community Corrections staff the opportunity to meet each other and learn more about their jobs and roles within the Department. This training was designed to ensure that the pre-release process and the re-entry process for these offenders is planned and executed in a timely manner in order to decrease the number of sex offenders released without a plan. This pro-active stance should greatly enhance the release process, create accountability of staff involved, and promote a sense of accountability and responsibility by the inmate/offender.

The Office of Community Corrections, Interstate Compact Office developed a guidance manual on interstate compacting rules and processes. The manual is available to staff through the Department intranet and will be updated quarterly.

The Office of the Inspector General recently doubled its canine drug interdiction K-9 teams from 8 to 20. The Drug Interdiction Units conduct unannounced visits to the Department’s 146 prison facilities where dogs sniff or drugs, cell phones and weapons. This enhancement will increase safety and security in and outside of our prisons.

Community Initiatives

The Region 2 Office of Community Corrections coordinated a strike team of 53 law enforcement agencies in nine Central Florida and Treasure Coast counties made surprise face-to-face contact with hundreds of probationers including gang members and violent felons during the late evening hours of Wednesday, July 28. As a result, 65 offenders were arrested and 8 weapons were taken off the streets.

The Bureau of Procurement and Supply and the Bureau of Facilities Services worked cooperatively to enter into a Guaranteed Energy, Water and Wastewater Performance Savings Contract (ESCO) with Florida Power and Light Services, LLC for the purpose of installing equipment, and providing services designed to reduce energy or water consumption, wastewater production, or energy related operating costs at several facilities statewide.

Wakulla CI began the Heartworm Assistance and Rehabilitation Training in partnership with the Tallahassee Animal Service Center. The H.A.R.T. program takes Heartworm Positive dogs from the shelter and treats them for the condition. These dogs then go through a three phased program at the institution which lasts for twelve weeks. The first phase is a recovery period. The next phase is an intermediate movement stage. The dogs are still recovering and out of shape from inactivity, so we begin limited movement exercises to build endurance and conditioning. The final portion is the full training phase. The overall goal of the program is to take these Heartworm Positive dogs and give them a chance for adoption.

DC inmate work crews from Franklin CI recently completed a major renovation project at the Franklin County School Board. The two week project consisted of the re-modeling of an old portable classroom. The classroom will be utilized by the Literacy Program as a classroom for Pre-K students.

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