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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Press Release
August 25, 2010
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Accomplishments for August 2010
Walter A. McNeil, Secretary

Please find below a summary report highlighting this agency's major accomplishments for the month of August 2010. Detailed information about any or all of these items is available upon request.

Re-Entry Successes

Shisa East – First Graduation Ceremony
On Wednesday August 18, 2010, Shisa East Substance Abuse Transitional Reentry Center program conducted its first ever inmate graduation commencement ceremony for five (5) female inmates. Shisa East is a Department of Corrections contracted Substance Abuse Transitional Reentry Center for fifteen (15) female inmates located in Jacksonville Florida. The center provides treatment services. These five (5) graduating inmates will now transfer to one of the Department's work-release centers, complete their transition and become productive members of the community.

At Liberty CI during the month of August, 203 completion certificates for self-betterment programs were issued to inmates housed at Quincy Annex. Certificates were issued for completion in the courses of Purpose Driven Life, Time Management, CDL Preparation, CPR & First Aid, and GED graduates were recognized for their receipt of diplomas. Several inmates received numerous certificates. A review of the GED'S received state-wide for this year list Liberty as issuing 103 total diplomas ranking 2nd in the entire state.

Residential Substance Abuse Treatment (RSAT) for State Inmates - Grant Funding
The Bureau of Substance Abuse secured an additional $1.3 million in United States Office of Justice funding to expand existing in-prison residential treatment programs at the following institutions: (The funding comes to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement which then awards the grants).

  • Century CI – 68 expansion slots – 68 total slots
  • Walton CI – 68 expansion slots – 136 total slots
  • Gainesville CI – 136 expansion beds – 204 total slots

Cost Savings

At Lancaster CI several vocational programs contributed to cost savings for the institution. The Printing and Graphic Arts vocational program has continued to provide the department with an internal source of printing services.  This provides a large cost savings as well as providing additional training opportunities for our students.  During the month of July it is estimated that this program saved $3,035.00.  As part of the training process for students, the Environmental Services vocational program provided services throughout the institution to help maintain the facility.  This resulted in an estimated savings of $3,773.00.  The Carpentry program saved the department an additional $874.5 with these projects during July.   This was a total savings of  more than  $7500.00 for the month. 

Process Improvements

The Bureau of Procurement and Supply, in conjunction with the Office of Health Services has procured an automated nurse scheduling system.  The Department uses both DC nursing staff and outside contractor's staff to meet its needs.  In the past, each institution scheduled its nurses on paper.  The new software creates a schedule of nurses to ensure sufficient coverage, reduce overtime, distribute preferred work hours equitably and handle leave situations.  This process is complicated by the fact that both DC nurses and contractor staff nurses can work at multiple locations.    With the purchase of the automated nurse scheduling system, schedulers can view available staff (both DC & contracted) and preferred working hours, be notified of any potential overtime situations, prevent dual scheduling at multiple locations and categorize staff as either DC, contractor, or both.  

The Office of the Inspector General's Contraband Interdiction Unit conducted 15 operations at state prisons which resulted in 978 individuals (staff, inmates & visitors) being scanned with the ION instrument. 

Community Initiatives

This month Jackson CI began the new Masonry Class at Graceville Work Camp.  The class is being taught by a volunteer, with 8-12 minimum custody inmates.  Each class will be approximately 3 months in length and upon completion of the class, the inmates will be job assigned to outside assignments where they can utilize their new masonry skills.  They are targeting inmates that are within 3 years of their TRD.  This is a monumental reentry class where inmates learn a job skill that they can use when they are released from prison.  Furthermore, there is little to no cost involved since, so far, all items have either been donated or we have the tools and supplies at the facility. 

Florida State Prison conducts a number of tours on a monthly basis.  These educational opportunities are utilized to improve the Department's image by sharing achievements and otherwise dispelling preconceived perceptions by the public. Also shared during the tours is the importance of public safety and the Department of Corrections role in this mission. Tours occurring during this reporting period are as follows:

  • July 10 – University of Florida Football Program
  • July 23 – Judge O.H. Eaton Tour (Barry University Law School)
  • July 29 – University of Florida, American Civil Liberties students
  • August 5 – University of Florida Homicide Class
  • August 10 – University of Florida Homicide Class
  • August 12 – University of Florida Homicide Class

In cooperation with the Department of Education 242 inmates at Lancaster received their Ready To Work Certification this month.  Florida Ready to Work is an innovative, new workforce education and economic development program.  The centerpiece of the program is the Florida Ready to Work credential, a career readiness certificate – signed by Governor Charlie Crist – that certifies that a Florida student/jobseeker has the fundamental job skills necessary to succeed in today's rapidly changing and competitive economy. The program is administered by the Florida Department of Education in partnership with the Florida Agency for Workforce Innovation

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