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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Press Releases and Announcements for 2001

  12/31/01: Death Row Inmate Dies of Natural Causes
Press Advisory 12/24/01: Florida Department of Corrections Releases 2000-2001 Annual Report
  12/13/01: Department of Corrections Donates Toys
  11/26/01: Are Harmless Drug Users Taking Up Valuable Prison Beds?
  11/15/01: Memorandum: 2001 Davis Productivity Awards
  11/06/01: Polk Correctional Institution Partners With AAMCO
Icon representing Assault Advisory 11/06/01: Inmate Attacks Correctional Officer at Charlotte CI
  10/04/01: Memorandum: State Employee Election Work Guidelines
  10/02/01: DOC Donates $16,500 to American Red Cross
  09/25/01: Florida's Military Service Compensation Law
  09/25/01: Rotary Club Goes to Prison
  09/21/01: DOC Community Work Squads
  09/20/01: DOC Donates Bears and Dolls
  08/29/01: Inmate Bonchea in Custody
  08/28/01: DOC Completes Investigation
  08/21/01: Florida Prison Inmates Serving Average 82.8% of Sentences
  08/8/01: No Inmates Escaped from Inside
Florida Prisons in Fiscal Year 2000-01
  07/24/01: Letter to Tampa Tribune Regarding Food Service Contract
  07/10/01: Richard Dugger Named DOC Deputy Secretary
  06/28/01: Letter to Miami Herald regarding "Let Prison Inmates Type"
  06/28/01: Message from Secretary Moore to All Employees
  06/22/01: Message from Secretary Moore to All Employees
  06/13/01: DOC Secretary Moore to Address Victims Conference
Icon of happy face representing good news 06/08/01: Murder Suspect Identified on DOC Website
 Secretary Moore's Letter of Thanks to Governor Bush
 DOC Announces Pay Raises and More...
  05/24/01: DOC Issues Intent to Award Food Services Contract
  05/18/01: Letter to St. Petersburg Times regarding "Corrections reform"
  05/18/01: DOC Releases Data on Substance Abuse Programs
  04/30/01: Death Row Inmate Dies of Natural Causes
  04/26/01: Inmate Escapes from Work Squad
Icon representing Assault Advisory 04/25/01: Inmate Attacks Correctional Officer at Walton Correctional Institution
  04/19/01: DOC to Conduct Investigations
Icon representing Assault Advisory 04/12/01: Inmate Attacks Correctional Officers at Martin Correctional Institution
  04/10/01: Misconceptions about the Florida Department of Corrections
  03/22/01: Juvenile Justice Week, March 25-31, 2001
  03/21/01: Letter to the Miami Herald regarding "Kids in Prison"
Icon representing Assault Advisory 03/21/01: Inmate Attacks Correctional Officer at Mayo CI
  03/13/01: Inmate Lionel Tate Transferred to Department of Juvenile Justice
  03/01/01: Inmate Commits Suicide at Santa Rosa CI
  02/20/01: Inmate Visitation at Polk CI
Captured 02/16/01: 1993 Escaped Murderer Captured
  02/07/01: Inmate Escapes from Work Squad
  01/16/01: Governor's Budget Recommendations Help Department of Corrections Fight Crime
Icon for Press Advisory 01/11/01: Grand Opening: The Florida Thoroughbred Retirement Farm at Marion Correctional Institution
  01/03/01: Statement by Secretary Moore on OPPAGA findings

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