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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Corrections in Florida: What the Public Thinks

Results of similar surveys
given to Floridians,
Florida news media representatives and
Department of Corrections staff
to assess their image and knowledge
of correctional issues.

Table of Contents

Cost, Methodology, Lynce Decision
Weighting, Error Rate

Executive Summary

Demographics of Sample vs. State Population: Who Was Contacted?
Gender, Age, Race
Education, Miscellaneous
Conducted by:
Bureau of Economic and Business Research
University of Florida

Originally released June 1997
media survey results added and
document revised August 1997,
DC Staff survey results added and
document revised March 1998

Florida Dept. of Corrections: What are our Most Pressing Issues and Why?
Most Pressing Issue
Main Cause of Problem
Most Important Job

Time Served and Overcrowding
Population Changes
Percentage of Sentence Served
Life Sentences
Cost of Incarceration
Racial Composition of Population

Inmate Work and Unstructured Time
Chain Gangs
Air Conditioning

Programs and Healthcare
Drug and Alcohol Abuse Rehabilitation

Correctional Officers and Correctional Probation Officers: Overview
Correctional Officers:
  • Two-word Description
  • Armed?
  • Correctional Officers' salaries vs. Police Officers' salaries
Correctional Probation Officers
Do they collect:
  • Court Fines and Costs?
  • Cost of Supervision Fees?
  • Victim Restitution?
Public's Perception of DC's Performance: How are we Doing?
Preventing Escapes?
Rehabilitating Criminals?
Collecting Victim Restitution?
Preventing Substance Abuse Upon Release?

Primary County Covered by Type of Media Outlet
City Called by Type of Media Outlet
For more information contact Research and Data Analysis at (850) 488-1801.

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