Inmate Mortality at Dade Correctional Institution

Name DC Number Date of Death Manner of Death
Determined by ME
Investigative Status
ATWELL, DAVID R01972407/19/2015NaturalClosed
TUCKER, JAMES D01977307/28/2015NaturalClosed
BROWN, DANIEL00520310/15/2015AccidentClosed
BLOODSAW, HANZEL EL0768110/16/2015SuicideClosed (Summary)
BROWN, SAMUEL L97544812/17/2015AccidentClosed (Summary)
ANDERSON, BARRY04091812/31/2015NaturalClosed
CONLEY, DWAYNE R95846301/15/2016NaturalClosed
VIDAL, ANTHONY R43163203/11/2016HomicideOPEN-MDPD/FDLE
FRAZIER, BOBBY05263504/03/2016NaturalClosed
DIFRANCESCO, ANDREWW5181105/15/2016SuicideClosed (Summary)
KITCHEN, KENNETH LK7003305/23/2016NaturalClosed
PERKINS, SCOTT92222205/29/2016SuicideClosed (Summary)
NABER, JUSTIND3575008/06/2016SuicideClosed
BREWER, STEVEN75082409/09/2016NaturalClosed
JAMES, QUINCEY63368209/10/2016NaturalClosed
DRAKE, CLINTONY5379709/16/2016SuicideClosed (Summary)
SMITH, TROY09613510/22/2016NaturalClosed
SIMONS, JERRY03351911/09/2016NaturalClosed
RODRIGUEZ, RAUL19946712/14/2016NaturalClosed
ZABRANI, IQBAL18460802/15/2017NaturalClosed
MANN, RONALD71895603/05/2017NaturalClosed
THOMPSON, RONALD18008003/09/2017NaturalClosed
FARMER, THOMAS84945903/17/2017AccidentClosed
BRYANT, MICHAEL42064204/27/2017NaturalClosed
RUFFIN, ANTHONY44914505/04/2017NaturalClosed
RUSSELL, JEREMYY1241708/20/2017AccidentClosed
LARA, ROLANDO40058209/03/2017NaturalClosed
HUGHES, RONALD12219209/14/2017NaturalClosed
BELLOMY, ALFRED23719009/23/2017NaturalClosed
SCRUGGS, TERRELLJ4737910/23/2017AccidentClosed
CURRY, DENNIET6479812/03/2017NaturalOPEN-MDPD
HICKSON, FRANKIE04333102/25/2018AccidentClosed
MANSO, GERARDO45914103/29/2018Suicide OPEN-FDLE
GILYARD, JOE31212704/27/2018SuicideClosed (Summary)
HINES, WILLIE04299105/04/2018NaturalClosed
DORISMOND, ANDREK8430605/04/2018NaturalClosed
DAVIS, PRINCEL0611605/19/2018AccidentClosed (Summary)
ARACENA, LUISB0364305/20/2018NaturalClosed
DELANY, DANIELV5308407/21/2018SuicideClosed
WILLIAMS, CHRISTOPHERL8708907/27/2018NaturalClosed
HILL, NATHANIEL05780808/13/2018NaturalClosed
IVORY, DONNIE04721608/18/2018NaturalClosed
BORGES, JUAN08481811/07/2018NaturalClosed
PACITTE, RICHARD63921512/09/2018NaturalClosed
DAVIS, JUSTINQ1669401/04/2019AccidentClosed
HARE, THOMASL4702302/13/2019NaturalClosed
CURRY, CLIFFORD01186702/14/2019NaturalClosed
JORDAN, FINISS3701503/02/2019NaturalClosed
ROGERS, DOUGLASP1812203/12/2019NaturalClosed
SHERIDAN, MARK08377906/11/2019NaturalClosed
CROUCH, TERRY71180907/11/2019NaturalClosed
SCOTT, LARRY06184707/17/2019NaturalClosed
THOMAS, ISIAH*** 886318 10/13/2019 Natural Closed
CHASE, WILLIAM 788531 11/12/2019 Natural CLOSED
JONES, ONTRA 099863 11/15/2019 Natural OPEN-FDLE
WELCH, ANTHONY 112414 11/25/2019 Natural Closed
BLANCO, ANGEL M10854 12/11/2019 Natural Closed
DAVIS, DONNELL K54168 12/12/2019 Natural OPEN-FDLE
FLOWERS, SYLVESTER 034383 12/23/2019 Natural Closed
WAGONER, JOSEPH 793055 01/14/2020 Natural OPEN-MDPD
CASAL, YORDANY D84346 01/21/2020 Accident OPEN-FDLE
MCCLINTON, PHILLIP H08821 03/06/2020 Natural OPEN-MDPD
DEMPS, PAUL 007263 03/28/2020 Natural OPEN-MDPD
MILLER, BRENT N12318 04/28/2020 Accident Closed
THOMAS, STEVEN 026260 05/02/2020 Accident Closed
TITEL, LEON 198402 05/12/2020 Natural OPEN-FDLE
BARRETT, JOHN 122653 06/05/2020 Natural OPEN-MDPD
LOPEZ, EDWARD 421518 07/07/2020 Natural Closed
GILLEN, ROBERT L22004 07/07/2020 Natural Closed
PEREA, IGNACIO 454329 07/11/2020 Natural OPEN-MDPD/FDLE
LUCEY, DANIEL 595795 07/16/2020 Natural OPEN-MDPD
ARNOLD, ANDRE 130591 07/22/2020 Natural OPEN-MDPD
MACKEY, MERL 873376 07/23/2020 Natural OPEN-MDPD
IGNAZIO, FRANK 047589 07/24/2020 Natural OPEN-MDPD
RYDER, WAYNE A70590 07/29/2020 Natural Suspended
ALDRICH, LEVIS 012902 08/02/2020 Natural OPEN-MDPD
DINGLE, RICHARD 387561 08/06/2020 Natural OPEN-MDPD
GONZALEZ, GUILLERMO 191922 08/08/2020 Natural OPEN-MDPD
ANDRUS, WALLACE 920462 08/19/2020 Natural Closed
BARAHONA, JUAN B11326 08/30/2020 Natural OPEN-MDPD
RAMOS, RAFAEL T33909 09/09/2020 Natural Closed
11/09/2020 Homicide OPEN
BRANNIN, KARL 091247 11/11/2020 Natural OPEN
BINKLEY, THOMAS 788623 11/14/2020 Natural OPEN
11/21/2020 Homicide OPEN-FDLE
MCCARTHY, WILLIAM 075446 02/01/2021 Natural OPEN
JACKSON, CLARENCE 085703 03/09/2021 Natural OPEN-MDPD
THURMAN, EUGENE 093276 03/09/2021 Natural Closed
03/28/2021 Pending OPEN-FDLE
THOMPSON, JASON 521886 04/11/2021 Accident OPEN-MDPD
04/18/2021 Homicide OPEN-MDPD/FDLE
DEANGELO, JOSEPH 596197 05/03/2021 Natural OPEN-MDPD
GARCIA-URBAY, ORLANDO 733578 05/09/2021 Natural OPEN-MDPD
MORRIS, WALTER 080383 05/19/2021 Natural OPEN-MDPD
PEOPLES, CHARLES 063431 06/02/2021 Natural Closed
VANHORN, HAROLD R66441 06/28/2021 Natural OPEN
KNOWLES, RICKY 016452 07/08/2021 Natural OPEN
DUNFEE, SAMUEL 075517 07/13/2021 Natural OPEN-MDPD
GONZALEZ, CANDIDO M53300 08/08/2021 Natural OPEN
WISE, PERCELL 246839 08/15/2021 Natural OPEN
BRUNSON, HENRY 168593 08/18/2021 Natural OPEN
WILLIAMS, JOSEPH 115924 09/26/2021 Natural OPEN
CASTRO, ALCIDES 094192 09/29/2021 Natural OPEN-MDPD
MORGAN, STANLEY 051395 10/17/2021 Natural OPEN
HAWK, WILLIAM A52094 10/20/2021 Natural OPEN
JACKSON, JAMES 036165 10/25/2021 Natural OPEN
FERNANDEZ, MANUEL 094242 10/26/2021 Natural OPEN-MDPD
COCHRAN, OLIVER 066659 12/18/2021 Natural OPEN-MDPD
12/28/2021 Pending OPEN
CHAMBERS, ROBERT 016823 01/31/2022 Natural OPEN-MDPD
STUDSTILL, TONY 078948 02/02/2022 Natural OPEN-MDPD
HARRISON, WILLIAM 225223 02/07/2022 Natural OPEN
02/14/2022 Pending OPEN
PERRY, ARNOLD 062148 03/09/2022 Natural OPEN
03/23/2022 Pending OPEN
LANDRETH, ROBERT 123798 03/26/2022 Natural OPEN
CRONICAN, HARVEY 181932 04/03/2022 Natural OPEN
DRYSDALE, JAMES E07349 05/22/2022 Natural OPEN

Guide for Manner of Death classification from the National Association of Medical Examiners

Investigative Status Definitions

Open: There is an active death investigation being conducted by the FDC Office of the Inspector General.

Open- FDLE: There is an active death investigation being conducted by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement with the Office of Inspector General providing investigative assistance.

Open- OTHER*: There is an active death investigation being conducted by the listed local law enforcement agency with the Office of Inspector General providing investigative assistance.

Closed: The death investigation is completed.

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