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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Operational Plan for
Female Offenders - July 1999

Michael W. Moore, Secretary

Office of Program Services
Richard J. Nimer, Director

photo of female inmates waiting in line

Meeting the unique service and program needs of female offenders housed in Florida's correctional system is a priority for the Florida Department of Corrections. The Operational Plan for Female Offenders establishes a blueprint of the actions that should be taken to ensure that the specific needs of female offenders are met throughout the correctional system. The plan places a strong priority on needs assessment to frame the development of a continuum of services and programs. A mandatory staff training and development program will be implemented for correctional officers and professionals working in female offender institutions and community corrections.

The plan outlines an accountable approach to the development and maintenance of a seamless delivery system (SDS) of services and programs from reception to transition. Emphasis is placed on programs that foster personal growth, accountability, self-reliance, education, life skills, work place skills and the maintenance of family and community relationships that lead to successful reintegration into society and reduce recidivism. For services and programs to be successful, the knowledge, skills, and abilities of staff is paramount. The staff development and training program that will be implemented is designed to foster staff attitudes and actions that demonstrate professionalism and promote the positive development of the female offender.

The Department is committed to a pro-active role in providing leadership and direction for an integrated, comprehensive array of programs and services for the female offender population. To ensure accountability, reliability, and continuous improvement, a Female Offender Program Unit will be established in the Office of Programs Services. The mission of the unit is to design and facilitate equitable and gender-specific services and programs for female offenders in correctional institutions and community corrections. The staff assigned to the unit will be complimented by assistance from the Bureau of Research and Data Analysis, the Program Development Unit in the Office of Programs Services and other department-wide professional units as needed.

Table of Contents


  1. Implementation Time Line
  2. Compliance Monitoring Report (CMR) & Instructions
  3. Reference Documents
    1. Florida Legislative Statute 944.8031
    2. Florida Legislative Statute 944.24 (3)
    3. Florida Legislative Statute 945.215
    4. Memo from Director, Office of Institutions
  4. Duplication Master Forms
    1. Program Implementation Checklist (PIC) - Instructions & Master
    2. Compliance Monitoring Report (CMR) - master

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