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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Florida Corrections:  Centuries of Progress

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Leg-irons, shotgun squads, chain gangs, horizontally striped prison uniforms, whippings and sweat boxes are used. There is also the American Collar, a device for the neck that is used to force inmates into submission.

Feet and lower legs of inmate with leg irons
Leg irons restrict the distance between the wearer's feet, making escape more difficult.

Officer with a firearm.
Officer stands watch with a firearm.


Inmate population
December 31, 1928:

27 JANUARY 1928

"NEW PRISON MODERN ONE" the new prison building under construction to be completed early in summer, one building covering three acres, built of concrete and tool-proof steel interlaced throughout the walls, every position giving prisoners advantage of sunlight and air, building built by convict labor at a cost of approximately $300,000.

Flag at half staff with DC BadgeCaptain Ike Steel was stabbed by an inmate at the road prison in Panama City, Florida, on September 3, 1928. Captain Steel died from knife wounds three days later on September 6, 1928.

Aerial photo of FSP
Aerial photo of main housing unit at the Raiford State Prison in the 1920s. (Photo courtesy of FPC.)

Large Group of Inmates
Inmates kept under control

Inmates in Striped Pants
Inmates were made to wear striped pants. (Photo courtesy of FPC.)

Inmates in Striped Pants
Inside a cell housing unit

Clarence Martin
DC#: 20191
Name: Clarence Martin
Date Received: 12/25/28
Age: 27
Offense: Breaking & entering with intent to commit misdemeanor
Date Sentenced: 12/11/28
County: Volusia
Sentence Imposed: 5 years
Release Date: 12/19/33
Sentence is revoked 4/1/31
Two months after his release, Clarence Martin begins his fourth incarceration at age 27.

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