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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding
the Release of an Inmate

  1. How do I find an inmate's release date?
    1. The release date is a complex calculation affected by type of sentence, gaintime, and county jail credit.
      • Florida statute, court decisions, inmate behavior, and program participation may affect release dates.
      • Release dates are continually recalculated until approximately three weeks before the inmate's sentence ends.

    2. The quickest way to find a release date is to visit our website.
      1. Go to the Inmate Population Search and type in the inmate's name or six-digit Department of Corrections number (DC#) and submit the request.
      2. When the list appears with your search results, click on the number in the first column to open the detailed page with the inmate's picture, release date, and other information.
      3. Please remember this database does not show persons on probation or parole, nor if they are in county jail or federal prison.

  2. Is the release date showing on the website the actual date the inmate will get out of prison?
    1. The release date showing is the release date as of the moment.

    2. The release date may change based upon gaintime awards or forfeitures and court orders--these changes will appear on the website within 24 hours of the award or forfeiture.

    3. Gaintime input for inmates statewide is completed by the 15th of the month following the month the gaintime is earned.

  3. Why does his/her release date change?
  4. The release date changes because the inmate is either earning or losing gaintime, court orders,or case law decisions.

  5. Can you tell me the exact release date of an inmate?
    1. Due to the influence of gaintime on the release date calculation, giving an exact release date is not possible until about 30 days before the inmate's end of sentence. At that time, the release date calculation is set and an anticipated release date is established (unless the inmate forfeits gaintime previously earned).

    2. The Classification Officer at the institution is the best source of this date (see Question 5).

    3. If the release date is outside of the 30 day window, please refer to Question 2, above.

  6. How do I find detailed information about an inmate's release date?
    1. The best source for this information is the Classification Officer at the inmate's facility.

    2. Each facility has a Classification Unit which can be contacted at the address and phone number listed in our Facility Directory.

If you need more information on Inmate Release Dates, then e-mail us at: dc.release@mail.dc.state.fl.us

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