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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding
How to Locate an Inmate

  1. What is the fastest and easiest way to find an inmate in the Florida prison system?
    1. Make sure the inmate is in the state of Florida prison system and not on probation or parole in Florida; in a Florida county jail; in a Federal prison; in prison or jail in another state; or already released from the Florida prison system. (See Question 4 below for more information.)

    2. For inmates in the state of Florida prison system, go to our Inmate Population Information Search page.

      1. Enter the inmate's name, DC# or any other identifying information you have in the appropriate box. You do not need all of the information--any of the identifiers will bring a result. (Note: Specifying too much information on the search page may exclude the intended inmate record. For instance, if you specify Calhoun as the "Current Location" and the inmate has been transferred, then the inmate's records will not be found.)
      2. Scroll down until you see the "Submit Request" button and click on it.
      3. The result you will see is titled "Inmate Population Information List." This list is a table (rows & columns) showing all inmates that matched your identifying data.
      4. Click the number in the first column to open the "Inmate Population Information Details" page where you will see a photo of the inmate and accompanying information.
      5. If you are not finding the person you are looking for, but feel sure the person was incarcerated, you may check the Inmate Release Information Search.

  2. How do I find an inmate's DC number (DC#)?

    1. Go to your Inmate Population Information Search page. Remember, this search database does not have inmates on probation or parole, those sentenced to a county jail or federal prison (see Question 4 below for additional help).

    2. Type in the identifying information you have and submit the request.

    3. When the search responds with the inmate information list, you will see the inmate's six digit DC number in the third column.

  3. I have found the person I was looking for but I do not see the information I wanted. What do I do now?

    1. Click on the number in the first column of the Inmate Population Information List page.

    2. This will take you to the Inmate Population Information Details page which has the inmate's picture and other details relating to the inmate's incarceration history.

  4. What does the search result "No Inmates Found" mean?

    It could mean the inmate you are looking for is:

    1. On probation or parole
      If the inmate is serving probation or parole in Florida, please use the Supervised Population Information Search or search all offender records within the department.

    2. No longer in our custody and was released
      Go to the Inmate Release Information Search or search all offender records within the department.

    3. In a county jail
      If the inmate is in a county jail within Florida, please go to www.floridasmart.com or officer.com to locate the county jail website. Since the county sheriff usually runs these facilities, by going to the county sheriff's website you may find the information you need about a particular jail. However, at this time, not every county sheriff's office has online records. It may be necessary for you to contact that particular facility by telephone.

    4. In a Federal Bureau of Prisons institution
      Information on Inmates in federal prison is found at the Federal Bureau of Prison's website (www.bop.gov).

    5. Incarcerated in another state
      To search for inmates in other states, visit www.dc.state.fl.us/crimpage.html (Look under "U.S. State Governments") or http://www.corrections.com/links/show/20

    6. In our system, but you are entering the wrong identifying information or you may be entering too many identifiers.
      • You can simply type the inmate's last name and click the submit button.
      • If too many records are found using only the last name, then also use the first letter of the inmate's first name. For instance, if you are searching for "John Smith" you would enter "Smith" as the last name and "J" for the first name. This will find inmates named Jon Smith and John Smith.

If you need more information on locating an Inmate, then e-mail us at: central.classification@mail.dc.state.fl.us

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