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Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Department of Corrections
Honor Guards

The men and women who comprise the various honor guards represent their respective institutions and the Department of Corrections admirably. They often participate in community parades and display the last full measure of devotion when we lose one of our own.

All honor guard members go through rigorous military style ceremonial drill techniques training, which include precision marching, facing movements, playing of taps (bugle) and flag folding/presentation. The following is a brief review of the history and activities of a portion of some of our institutional honor guards.


Union Correctional Institution

For more than two decades, Union Correctional Institution has been selecting security staff, representative of the institution, to serve on an institutional honor guard. Five members of the honor guard now serve as the Union Correctional Institution Color Guard. They represent the institution at formal ceremonies such as peace officer memorials and in community parades. The color guard is also trained in the carrying, posting and presentation of our state and national flags.

Photo of Union CI Honor Guard
Union C.I. Honor Guard

Photo of Sumter CI Honor Guard
Sumter C.I. Honor Guard

Sumter Correctional Institution

Sumter Correctional Institution established its' honor guard in 1998. Since then, some of the activities they have been involved in include participation in basic recruit graduations, parades and the 21-gun salute at the national Correctional Peace Officers Foundation Memorial in 2000.

Reception and Medical Center

Reception and Medical Center's honor guard started in June 1998. The squad consists of one squad leader, 14 members including two females and one bugler. The honor guard participates in parades, funerals for current and retired DOC employees and the annual law enforcement memorial for officers killed in the line of duty.

Photo of RMC Honor Guard
RMC Honor Guard

Photo of SFRC Honor Guard
S.F.R.C. Honor Guard

South Florida Reception Center

South Florida Reception Center honor guard started in 1996. The team is normally comprised of 14 all volunteer members from within the security department. SFRC requires that the honor guard represent the diversity of the institution and community. The honor guard presented the colors at the opening ceremonies of the 1998 Florida Council on Crime and Delinquency (FCCD) convention held in Miami.

Martin Correctional Institution

The honor guard was established in 1998 for drill and ceremonial duties at Martin Correctional Institution. Since then, it has participated in funerals, FCCD training events and employee club functions.

Photo of Martin C.I. Honor Guard
Martin C.I. Honor Guard with Warden Tim Mingo and Secretary Moore.

Photo of Wakulla CI Honor Guard
Wakulla C.I. Honor Guard

Wakulla Correctional Institution

The Wakulla Correctional Institution Honor Guard was established in 2001. It is comprised of 20 volunteer members to include alternates. The Wakulla Honor Guard has participated in a variety of functions since its conception.  Some of the functions include staff funerals, the posting of our National and State colors, the 21 gun salute, flag folding ceremonies and parades.  The Wakulla Correctional Institution Honor Guard is currently the only Honor Guard located in Region 1.

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