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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Organization Chart

If needed, use the scrollbars to see the entire chart. This chart is also printable from most browsers. A text version is here.

Organization Chart Intelligence, Director Sam CulpepperInspector General Lester Fernandez Facilities Management, Director Darren Fancher Community Programs Chief - Shawn Satterfield P&P/Interstate Compact - Beth Atchison Office of Communications Interim Director Michelle Glady Director of Administration - Janie Westberry Legislative Affairs Director Jared Torres Information Technology, Chief Information Officer Vernon L. Weatherspoon Procurement - Kasey Faulk Human Resources Director Brett Shively Division of Development , Abraham Uccello Health Services Director Thomas Reimers Director, Institutional Support, Richard Comerford Region 4 Director - Justine Patterson Region 3 Director - Michael T. Anderson Region 2 Deputy Director - Joe Winkler Region 1 Deputy Director - James Perdue Institutions - Deputy Secretary Ricky Dixon Chief Counsel Kenneth S. Steely Administration - Chief of Staff Steven Fielder Secretary Julie L. Jones Chief Financial Officer Kimberly Banks Region 1 - Director Angela Gordon Region 2 - Director Erich Hummel Region 3 - Director Brian Riedl Region 4 - Director Thomas Ried Assistant Secretary of Community Corrections Jenny Nimer Budget and Financial Management - Mark Tallent Finance and Accounting, Lavitta Stanford

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