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Rick Scott, Governor
Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Division of Development: Improvement and Readiness

Bureau of Applied Science, Research, and Policy

The ASRP unit of the Division of Development is dedicated to advancing and facilitating high standards of research practices and application for the Florida Department of Corrections. Additionally, ASRP fosters relationships with colleges and universities helping support talent development, programs and communications. We are committed to using research practices and measuring the progress of the inmates and offenders in our care, using data collected by the Department. This includes evaluating programs to determine their outcomes and cost effectiveness. Through careful study and evaluation, and staying informed of national research, trends and studies in the correctional field, the Applied Science, Research, and Policy section helps guide the Department of Corrections’ program policy practices.

Kerensa Lockwood, Administrator

Brad Locke
Chief of Applied Science,
Research & Policy

Research Principles

In Applied Science, Research, and Policy, we analyze and measure existing evidence based practices to implement the highest standards and guiding policies that improve the quality and access of programs. We commission new research to effectively apply scientific knowledge to the corrections field.

Research Procedures

By studying and evaluating the outcomes of programming practices implemented across the Department, we are able to create policy and procedures that reinforce the agency’s goals. These measures reinforce the integrity of the Department, as well as further the professional development of staff, all while fostering a healthy, compassionate and sustainable environment.

Program Clearinghouse Applications

In an effort to deliver quality programs in the Florida Department of Corrections, we have evaluated the effectiveness of the programs and services we offer. Through a detailed review of these programs, we have determined which programs and resources meet the needs of our population. They are classified and then made available to participants where they will study the impact it has on recidivism and personal growth.

Division of Development: Improvement and Readiness
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