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Press Release
January 17, 2017
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Statement on Protest

On January 16, a group of protestors held an event at the Department of Corrections headquarters office. During the event, protesters became increasingly disruptive and breached the doors into a secure area of the building. In attempt to enter the secure area, protesters battered FDC staff. The Tallahassee Police Department responded immediately and the incident was brought quickly under control.

Prisons and institutions across the state had no interruption to daily operations. There were no reports of inmate work stoppages.

Additional Information

  • FDC utilizes an outside vendor for canteen, which gives inmates access to affordable items for purchase. Some previous media have reported soup costing $17.00, which is very inaccurate. Soups in the canteen range from $0.70 to $1.35. Canteen prices can be found here: http://www.dc.state.fl.us/oth/inmates/menus/MaleMenu1.pdf.
  • Prison inmates work in jobs ranging from laundry, cooking and prison maintenance and outside work squads. Inmates are not paid for these duties.
  • FDC follows the sentencing guidelines set by the court. For more information on parole, visit: https://www.fcor.state.fl.us/release-types.shtml.


As Florida's largest state agency, the Department of Corrections employs 24,000 members statewide, incarcerates approximately 96,000 inmates and supervises nearly 166,000 offenders in the community.

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