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July 12, 2017
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Update on the Conditions at Lowell Correctional Institution

Update 7/17/17

Water quality testing concluded successfully, and Lowell CI Annex has returned to normal operations.

Recent reporting on Lowell CI Annex has incorrectly described conditions within the institution. Storm damage over the weekend caused maintenance issues that affected the well pumps and geothermal line ظ€ô the main component of the institutionظ€آs air cooling system. Since the incident occurred, staff have worked continuously to correct the issues and make all necessary accommodations in the best interest of the health and safety of inmates.

Despite Reports:

  • Running water is available and has been in use for the past two days.
  • The geothermal line has been restored to all areas of the institution.
  • All inmates have access to drinking water. Staff are continuously refilling coolers of clean drinking water for inmates while the institution awaits the completion of water quality testing.
  • All areas are being cleaned and maintained in a manner consistent with the original conditions of the institution.


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