Comprehensive Healthcare Services Procurement

Health Services Bulletins/Technical Instructions (HSBTI)

HSBTI # Title Effective
15.01.xx Miscellaneous    
15.01.01 Purpose of Health Services Bulletins 06/01/18 66K
15.01.03 On-call Physician 05/23/18 84K
15.01.06 Reception Process for New Commitments 02/02/18
15.01.10 Professional Licenses 02/28/18 7K
15.02.xx Special Topics    
15.02.01 Medical and Mental Health Care Inquiries, Complaints, and Informal Grievances 02/02/18 166K
15.02.02 Health Care Clearance/Holds 02/02/18 109K
15.02.14 Conditional Medical Release 10/22/14 50K
  Attachment #1: Sample Memo 02/02/18 50K
15.02.15 Health Care Advance Directives 04/11/17 82K
15.02.16 Inmate Medical Passes 02/02/18 34K
15.02.17 Palliative Care Program Guidelines 02/02/18 257K
15.02.18 Genetic Testing 08/12/14 18K
  Attachment #1: Order to Appear for Genetic Testing 66K
  Attachment #2: Request for Genetic Testing Coordination 58K
  Attachment #3: Notice of Administrative Proceeding to Establish Paternity 77K
15.02.19 Do Not Resuscitate Orders 12/09/15 65K
15.03.xx Medical    
15.03.04 Periodic Screenings 02/01/18


15.03.05 Chronic Illness Monitoring and Clinic Establishment Guidelines 01/07/15 81K
  Attachment 1: Respiratory Clinic 01/27/15 16K
  Attachment 2: Endocrine Clinic 05/01/15 101K
  Attachment 3: Miscellaneous Clinic 01/27/15 55K
  Attachment 4: Cardiovascular Clinic 12/12/14 84K
  Attachment 5: Tuberculosis Clinic 01/27/15 15K
  Attachment 6: Immunity Clinic 03/17/15 88K
  Attachment 7: Neurology Clinic 01/27/15 18K
  Attachment 8: Gastrointestinal Clinic 01/27/15 59K
  Attachment 9: Oncology Clinic 11/2017 15K
15.03.06 Medical Emergency Plans 09/24/14 32K
  Attachment: Medical Emergency Plan/Checklist for Plan Development 09/24/14 62K
15.03.08 DC Policy on Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Disease and Continuity of Care 12/29/17 94K
  Attachment 1: Notice to Inmates 12/29/17 19K
  Attachment 3: INMATE RECEPTION ORIENTATION: HIV Infection Education Lesson Plan and Curriculum 12/29/17 50K
15.03.09 Management of Viral Hepatitis 04/05/17 56K
  Supplement 1: Hepatitis A Virus Infection Management 01/27/15 68K
  Supplement 2: Hepatitis B Virus Infection Management 01/27/15 55K
  Supplement 3: Hepatitis C Virus Infection Management 04/16/18 83K
  Supplement 4: Bloodborne Pathogens HBV-HCV-HIG Significant Exposures 01/27/15 26K
  Supplement 5: Recommendations for Hepatitis B Prophylaxis 01/27/15 57K
15.03.13 Assignment of Health Classification Grades to Inmates 02/02/18 141K
15.03.18 Identification and Management of Latent Tuberculosis Infection (LTBI) and Tuberculosis Disease 11/13/14 246K
  Attachment 1: Reception Process Screening Algorithm 11/13/14 16K
15.03.22 Medical Emergency Care Plan and Guidelines 02/02/18 33K
  Attachment 1: Jump Bag Contents 10/21/14 24K
15.03.23 Syphilis Treatment Protocol 02/01/17 40K
15.03.24 Breast Cancer Screening/Mammograms 09/23/14 28K
15.03.25 Services for Inmates with Auditory, Mobillity or Vision Impairments and Disabilities 02/02/18 60K Auditory Services 02/02/18 160K
  Appendix A: Auditory Screening 02/02/18 14K Mobility Services 02/02/18 60K
  Appendix A: Mobility Screening 02/02/18 60K
  Appendix B: Mobility Impared Inmate Monthly SKin Assessment Checklist 02/02/18 60K Vision Services 02/02/18 60K
  Appendix A: Vision Screening 02/02/18 60K
15.03.26 Infirmary Services 02/02/18 282K
15.03.29 Prerelease Planning for Continuity of Health Care 02/02/18 87K
  Appendix A: Checklist for Placement in Assisted Living Facility 02/02/18 60K
  Appendix B: Checklist for Placement in a Nursing Home 02/02/18 60K
15.03.30 Immunization Requirements for Inmates 06/05/14 95K
15.03.34 Managing Varicella Infections (Chickenpox and Zoster) 04/16/15 158K
15.03.36 Post Sexual Battery Medical Action 10/14/15 25K
15.03.37 Management of Scabies and Lice 03/26/16 27K
15.03.39 Health Care for Pregnant Inmates 01/09/14 19K
15.03.40 Management of Respiratory Illness Outbreak 11/20/14 76K
15.03.43 Management of Bloodborne Pathogen Exposures 12/02/14


  Attachment: Education Fact Sheet 12/02/14 104K
  Appendix A: Bloodborne Pathogens (HBV,HCV, HIV)-Significant Exposures and Risk of Infection 10/21/14 148K
  Appendix B: Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Brief Checklist 10/21/14 71K
  Appendix C: Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Checklist 10/21/14 80K
  Appendix D: HIV Postexposure Prophylaxis for Bloodborne Pathogens 10/21/14 120K
  Appendix F: Bloodborne Pathogens for Health Care Workers Curriculum 10/21/14 32K
           Section I: Bloodborne Infections 10/21/14 53K
           Section II: Transmission 10/21/14 54K
           Section III: Exposure Control 10/21/14 71K
           Section IV: Work Practice Controls 10/21/14 57K
           Section V: Postexposure Prophylaxis 10/21/14 75K
  Appendix G: Bibliography 10/21/14 33K
15.03.45 Prevention and Control of Meningitis and Encephalitis 06/06/14 52K
  Appendix A: Additional Facts on Bacterial Meningitis 10/01/15 64K
  Appendix B: Bacterial Meningitis 10/01/15 23K
  Appendix C: Meningococcal Disease 10/01/15 40K
  Appendix D: Listeriosis 10/21/15 27K
  Appendix E: Cryptococcosis 10/01/15 59K
  Appendix F: West Nile Virus 10/01/15 91K
  Appendix G: St Louis Encephalitis 10/01/15 36K
  Appendix H: Eastern Equine Encephalitis 10/01/15 32K
15.03.47 General Guidelines for Management of Hernias 01/30/18 32K
15.04.xx Dental    
15.04.01 Referral of Patients to Outside Dental Specialists 11/2017 67K
15.04.03 Guidelines for Dental Periodic Oral Examinations 11/2017 15K
15.04.04 Dental Entries in the Medical Record 11/2017 31K
15.04.05 Dental Care Requests, Complaints, and Informal Grievance 02/02/18 97K
15.04.06 Guidelines for Prescribing Dental Radiographs 08/14/17 22K
15.04.11 Guidelines for Treatment of Temporomandibular Dysfunction (TMD) 08/14/17 47K
15.04.12 Disposal of Hazardous Materials Generated in the Dental Clinic 08/14/17 19K
15.04.13 Dental Services/Standard Operating Procedures 02/28/12 36K
  Supplement A: Dental Office Emergency Treatment Protocols 06/20/16 68K
  Supplement B: Dental Services Infection Control Policy 02/28/12 127K
  Supplement C: Clinical Dentistry 06/20/16 158K
  Supplement D: Dental Forms 02/28/12 145K
  Supplement E: Dental Services Abbreviations 02/28/12 42K
  Supplement F: Dental Clinical Quality Review 02/28/12 25K
  Supplement H: General Information 06/20/16 184K
Attachment 1: Interoffice Memorandum/Continuation of Prosthetic Case (sample)
02/28/16 26K
Attachment 2: Interoffice Memorandum/Monthly Dental Report (Sample)
02/28/16 25K
15.04.15 Standardized Dental Medications 08/14/17 61K
  Appendix A: Standard Dental Medications 03/22/13 9K
  Appendix B: Dental Pharmacy Institutional Codes 03/22/13 66K
  Appendix C: Clindamycin Prescription Log 03/22/13 20K
15.05.xx Mental Health    
15.05.03 Screening and Treatment for Sexual Disorder 02/06/14 29K
15.05.05 Inpatient Mental Health Services 02/02/18 63K
  Attachment #1: Access to Personal Property and Activities in Mental Health Units 08/27/13 23K
15.05.08 Mental Health Services for Inmates who are Assigned to Confinement, Protective Management or Close Management Status 07/09/02 36K
15.05.10 Psychiatric Restraint 02/03/16 54K
15.05.11 Planning and Implementation of Individualized Mental Health Services 07/07/16 90K
  Appendix I: Mental Health Problem Index 07/07/16 58K
15.05.13 Mental Health Staff on Disciplinary Teams 02/03/16 12K
15.05.14 Mental Health Services 02/03/16 56K
15.05.17 Intake Mental Health Screening at Reception Centers 11/08/16 20K
15.05.18 Outpatient Mental Health Services 02/09/18 56K
15.05.19 Psychotropic Medication Use Standards and Informed Consent 11/2017 166K
  Appendix: Testing Standards for Psychotropic Medication Usage 08/01/10 87K
15.05.20 Medical and Dental Care for Mentally Disordered Inmates 10/14/15 9K

Mental Health Re-Entry Aftercare Planning Services

02/02/18 68K
15.06.xx Admin. and Planning    
15.06.04 Offender-Based Information Systems-Health Services (OBIS-HS) 04/10/18 69K
  Attachment: HS31 Screen-Example 10/17/11 25K
15.06.05 Instructions For Opening New Institutional Health Units 08/05/15 121K
15.06.06 Required Reference Materials/Manuals for Health Services Units 05/25/18 51K
15.06.12 Telemedicine 10/11/17 51K
15.07.xx Access to Care    
15.07.02 Health Services for Inmates in Community Facilities 04/30/15 73K
15.09.xx Quality Management    
15.09.01 Quality Management Program 12/06/17 121K
  Attachment 1: Quality Management Activities and Due Dates 12/06/17 10K
  Attachment 2: CMA CAP Process 12/06/17 10K
15.09.04 Utilization Management Procedures 01/24/17 107K Specialty Health Services and Reception and Medical Center or Staging Facilities 02/02/18 10K
15.09.05 Credentialing and Peer Review Program 11/2017 118K
15.09.08 Risk Management Program 11/2017 70K
15.09.09 Mortality Review Program 04/09/14 20K
  Appendix A: Notification of Inmate Death 04/09/14 11K
  Appendix C: Institutional Responsibilities, Functions, Reports, and Forms 04/09/14 23K
  Appendix D: Central Office Responsibilities, Functions, Reports, and Forms 04/09/14 17K
  Appendix E: Regional Responsibilities, Functions, Reports, and Forms 04/09/14 12K
  Appendix F: Case Closure Procedure 04/09/14 13K
  Appendix G: Diagnostic Categories Table 04/09/14 15K
15.11.xx Staff Development    
15.11.01 Health Services Personnel Orientation 02/02/18 61K
  Appendix A: Issues for Health Care Delivery in Corrections 04/06/15 18K
  Appendix B: Bloodborne Infections - Introductions/Training Outline for Health Care 04/06/15 64K
  Appendix C: Employee Tuberculosis (TB) Training 04/06/15 20K
  Appendix D: Health Services Unit Orientation 04/06/15 50K
Attachment: Nursing Supervisor Training Outline
04/06/15 25K
  Appendix E: Nursing Personnel Orientation 04/06/15 19K
Attachment: Mental Health Nursing Orientation
04/06/15 30K
  Appendix G: Clinician Personnel Orientation 04/06/15 15K
  Appendix H: Dental Personnel Orientation 04/06/15 14K
  Appendix I: Pharmacy Personnel Orientation 04/06/15 28K
  Appendix J: Health Services Administrative Personnel Orientation 04/06/15 64K
  Appendix K: Health Services Administrative/Nurse Manager 04/06/15 70K
15.11.02 Volunteer and Intern Program 09/23/14 79K
  Appendix A: Health Services Orientation 09/23/14 116K
  Appendix B: Psychology StudentTrainee Problems, Due Process and Grievance Procedures 09/23/14 79K
15.12.xx Health Records    
15.12.03 Health Records 08/02/13 66K
Attachment 3: Military Clock
08/02/13 19K
  Appendix A: Release of Information 08/02/13 106K
15.14.xx Pharmacy    
15.14.01 Return of Certain Unit-Dosed Medications 11/2017 50K
15.14.02 Prescription Orders 05/13/15 102K
15.14.03 Drug Formulary Process 11/2017 108K
15.14.04 Pharmacy Operations 05/10/16 25K
  Appendix A: Pharmacy Operations 05/10/16 96K
  Appendix B: Pharmacy Services 05/10/16 58K
  Appendix C: Purchasing and Inventory 05/10/16 32K
  Appendix D: Pharmacy Personnel 05/10/16 25K
  Appendix E: Forms 05/10/16 13K
15.14.05 Inmate Prescription Refills/Legend Stock Medication 11/2017 66K