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Florida Department of Corrections, Secretary Julie L. Jones

Florida Department of Corrections
Julie L. Jones, Secretary

Introduction to Community Corrections

Florida Department of Corrections
501 South Calhoun Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-2500

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The Florida Department of Corrections currently supervises more than 167,000 offenders. These adult offenders are monitored and supervised by probation officers located in 130 Community Corrections' probation offices throughout Florida. This includes offenders released from prison on parole, conditional release, or conditional medical release and offenders placed on court ordered supervision including regular probation, administrative probation, drug offender probation, sex offender probation, and community control. Correctional Probation Officers also supervise offenders placed on pre-trial intervention.

Community Corrections’ primary function and mission is to protect the community by supervising offenders and reporting non-compliance to the sentencing or releasing authority. Correctional Probation Officers enforce standard conditions of supervision stipulated by statute, as well as special conditions imposed by the court or sentencing authority, including victim restitution, substance abuse and/or mental health treatment programs, and other sanctions or restrictions. Offenders are monitored through field contacts at their residences, employment sites and other locations in the community. Officers conduct investigations, including pre-sentence investigations, other state investigations and violation reports. Officers make appropriate referrals to assist the offender with resources available to complete their term of supervision successfully.

The four regions are divided according to 20 judicial circuits. Each circuit office contains a number of offices within a county or counties that provide an offender access for reporting and meeting with their individual officers.

Each office independently conducts interviews, investigations and drug testing as required. Depending on the level of community supervision, offenders report in for supervision daily, weekly, monthly or as directed by the probation officer or sentencing/ releasing authority. In addition to office reporting, officers visit offenders at their home, employment sites and a variety of field locations. It is the goal of Community Corrections to ensure offender compliance with the orders of the sentencing /releasing authority in order to protect the public, and reduce victimization; while lowering recidivism by addressing the needs of the offender.

From this site you may browse the circuit and office profiles which are grouped by region. Address information for each office is provided on the Circuit Office information page.

Regional Map. Circuit 01 - Pensacola Circuit 14 -- Panama City Circuit 02 -- Tallahassee Circuit 3 -- Lake City Circuit 8 -- Gainesville Circuit 4 -- Jacksonville Circuit 18 - Melbourne Circuit 7 -- Daytona Beach Circuit 5 -- Tavares Circuit 9 -- Orlando Circuit 10 -- Bartow Circuit 6 -- Clearwater Circuit 13 -- Tampa Circuit 12 -- Sarasota Circuit 20 -- Ft. Myers Circuit 19 -- Ft. Pierce Circuit 15 -- West Palm Beach Circuit 17 -- Ft. Lauderdale Circuit 16 -- Key West Circuit 16 -- Key West Circuit 11 -- Miami
Click on any number above to view information on that circuit.
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